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Blanket Brilliance: Weaving Success with a 71% Revenue Increase

Wrapped in Success: A Strategic Turnaround in the Blanket Niche – Achieving a 71% Revenue Boost


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Project Overview

Objective: The primary goal was to substantially increase overall revenue and enhance the visibility of newly launched product variations for a brand in the competitive Home & Kitchen niche, specifically focusing on blankets.

Challenges: The brand faced significant hurdles, including lower sales due to intense competition with cheaper alternatives, difficulty in distinguishing itself in a saturated market, and inefficient advertising that led to high customer acquisition costs.

Scope: The strategy was centered on improving product visibility and sales on Amazon by optimizing listings and leveraging aggressive PPC campaigns.


Product Optimization:

  • New Color Variations: We introduced four popular new color options, consolidating them under a single main listing to streamline the shopping experience and enhance discoverability.
  • Listing Consolidation: Combined new color ASINs with older, underperforming listings to boost exposure and draw attention to new options.

Advertising Strategy:

  • Aggressive PPC Campaigns: Implemented comprehensive PPC strategies across Sponsored Products for ranking improvements and Sponsored Brands for increased visibility. This included the use of video ads, product collection ads, and spotlight ads specifically targeted at the new color variations.
  • Compliance and Best Practices: Ensured all listing combinations were in accordance with Amazon’s regulations to maintain listing integrity and avoid potential penalties.


Revenue Growth: Achieved a dramatic 71% increase in revenue in the latter half of the year, signaling strong customer approval of the new product variations and improved market positioning.

Reduced Acquisition Costs: The cost per order acquisition decreased by 22%, reflecting more efficient ad spend and higher conversion rates due to enhanced product appeal and visibility.

Enhanced Market Presence:

  • Amazon’s Choice Badge: The heightened visibility and customer interest earned the brand an “Amazon’s Choice” badge for several relevant keywords, which further amplified sales and product credibility.
  • Improved Keyword Strategy: By better targeting long-tail keywords relevant to the new variations, we significantly increased organic search visibility and customer engagement, leading to an 8.9% increase in unit session percentage.

This strategic overhaul not only revitalized a stagnating product line but also positioned the brand as a leader in its niche, showcasing the power of targeted marketing and product diversification on Amazon.

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